What is Slingshot?

  • A new kind of church for folks who have never really been into a church or folks who are making their way back to church.
  • A place where people who are facing giants in their lives can find love, acceptance, help, hope, guidance, encouragement, and forgiveness.

Slingshot exists…

  • To bring people together for worship in a safe, respectful, and encouraging atmosphere
  • To help others better understand the Word of God
  • To open people’s eyes, hearts, and minds to what God is doing in our daily lives
  • To lead others toward Christ

What Can You Expect at Slingshot?

  • A focus on God
  • Christian music
  • Relevant video presentations
  • True life stories of how God works
  • Studying the Bible to see how it can impact and shape our everyday lives
  • Learning to put ourselves in third place by placing God first and others second

When and Where is Slingshot?

  • Tuesday nights at 7pm
  • Isles of Innisfree – 216 Copper St, Unit 59, Sudbury
  • Unit 59 is located in the centre of the complex (office building) – please park in the designated visitor’s parking

For more information contact Pastor Josh Sklar 705-673-6110